Rock the Band (Black Falcon, #1.5) - Michelle A. Valentine
Eeek! More Noel and Lane... and from Noel's POV... just wow. I LOVED this one even more. To hear it from Noel and to see how it came together was great and I hope we see more of their story throughout the rest of the series. I want to know he turnout of certain things. The things that went on were great and how it came together amazing... now I want Riff and Aubrey's story and not just because I loved them, but because we'll see more of Noel and Lane.
Now Noel and Lane have it together. They are back and just after the enend of Rock the Heart we pick up with Rock the Band. Black Falcon is going on a weeks break and that means some quality time for Noel and Lane. They do not disappoint wit the steaminess oor the banter and playfulness. They rudely are great together and through all of this Noel decides for certain he cannot be without Lane. Guess what means... marriage. After an amazing week, they go back the real world. Lane gets a job offer... from none other than Stricker. Noel isn't. happy, but he works throughout and now knows... he has to put a ring on her finger. He needs to claim her for life. As tings unfold... Lane ends up in Texas without Noel and they face the test of distance. Then more tests and well I don't want to say much more and give things away. It was amazing and I truely loved this! It is a must read people.