Rock the Heart (Black Falcon, #1) - Michelle A. Valentine
Loved this book!
It has been four years since Lainey (Lane) left Noel. She's graduated college and is an intern at the top marketing firm in New York City with her best friend Aubrey by her side. Noel on the other hand followed his dream and is now the frontman of one of the hottest rock groups out called Black Falcon. Now they're being thrown together. Black falcon has a project that needs marketing and Lane is being sent to make Noel happy and find out what he needs. A trip that seemed like a bust turns into anything but and it turns into a chess game for Noel to get his girl back. Here are a bunch of twists and turns and some really messed up shit, including but not limited to the introduction of hot Brit rocker Stricker. Some crazy amazing chemistry and steamy scenes. Can Noel get his girl back? Can Lane nail her shot at a dream job?
Rock the Heart is an emotional and fun read. Noel and Lane grew up together... like literally next door. Who finds their soulmate that early and who actually sees that. They are great together. They have a natural chemistry with a whole lot of history. They have great banter and are very back and forth. The situations they get into together really throw you through an emotional loop.
Lane has the appearance of a confident go get'er, but she really isn't as confident as she appears. She is actually really insecure about many things, but she isn't. annoying about it. It comes off natural and really, she doesn't overdramatize it or over play it. She is also witty and smart and strong-willed. She really does try to hold her own and does decent most of the time. Noel has had a hell of a time since Lane left him. He has gone through so much with his family and in search of himself and achieving his dreams. He did it though and has a whole new family with his band, but deep down he is the same guy. He has a big heart and is very passionate. He fights to get what he wants and gets what he wants. He has missed Lane and wants that. He is in a big mess and makes an even bigger one in Rock the Heart. I loved seeing the many sides of Noel and loved him. He is an awesome character. As for supporting
... Aubrey is an awesome chick. She is Lane's best friend and is great. She is full of energy and fun. She is also loyal and caring. She likes the bad boys and that leads her to Riff. Riff is awesome and I am dying to learn more about him! His role is the book was awesome and I love the turn out there. Then the twins.. Trip and Tyke. Loved Tyke... Trip not so much. But I know there is a story there and I hope my opinion changes when we get it. Then that throw in guy... the one that causes a stir between Noel and Lane... hot Brit rocker Stricker. He was tum and seemed like a cool guy, but a little sneaky. I really hope we see a book for him.
I loved this book. It was awesome and I wanted more at the end. Noel and Lane are a favorite couple for me and this book is a favorite for me. Cannot wait for the rest of the series!