Rocked Under (Rocked, #1) - Cora Hawkes
Rocked Under was a emotionally charged read.
In a way it kind of reminded me of Jaime McGuire's Beautiful Disaster and I loved it just as much. It was definitely an emotional rollercoaster and a rollercoaster ride of just all the happenings alone.
Emma is here in the states from England to live with her older cousin Ashley and attend college. She is trying to move past her past... more like running actually... and she has sworn off guys. Wants nothing to do with them at all. She has seen the horrible side of relationships and doesn't want that. She has been through a lot and she isn't the girl most people seem to think. Ashley soon lets Emma in on the fact that her rocker best friend Scott lives in the apartment upstairs and warns Emma away from Scott. She also warns Scott away from Emma, but there's things that Ashley doesn't know and Emma doesn't remember. A few days after their move Ash takes Emma out to see Scott's band perform and meet the rest of her friends. All goes well and you meet Newton and Megan... who are pretty awesome people. Then Emma sees the mysterious lead singer and they make eye contact... only for Emma to realise that it's Scott. Things get a little heated when they first meet, but as Emma has stated over and over she holds her ground and says no to the womanizing Scott. Scott has his own issues and does nothing but have casual sex and one night stands... no relationships for him. This combination of her issues and his makes for a rollercoaster ride like no other as the two become best friends and then fall for each other. We see them go through a lot together and put each other through even more.
I liked Emma, a lot. She was strong-willed and passionate. Out spoken and fun. She had her issues and she was dead-set on how things were going to go. She wanted the safe route so badly that at times she didn't see the show that was being put on in front of her and got herself hurt anyway. Insert Adam... asshole for a thousand, please. This at times annoyed me. She fought so hard against something that she didn't know if it would work out or not. She was just to cautious and that made life hell for her. She was very stubborn, but I could understand after the things she saw. It's just sometimes she was just too much with that. She needed to let go and learn that everyone is different and every situation is different, that there was no way to truely be safe. Scott was amazing. He is a great guy who tries to hard to hide that. He is a lso too worried about getting hurt and puts on a facade of confidence when really he is worried about being good enough for someone. it was kind of heartbreaking because Emma was adding to that. He really did try, but he would go off the path. I could see why he kept on with things because Emma never really told him how she felt, but then that would push Emma away more. It made for a mess. Ashley was a good strong character as well. She really cared for her cousin and wanted to be there for her. Newton too was a great guy and good character. We didn't see much from Megan though.
Overall the book was amazing! I absolutely loved it and it made my favorites. There were some really sad horrible parts, some really amazing ones, some scary, and some hilarious ones. It was emotional and gritty. And I can keep coming up with an entire list to of words that this book was. I am excited for the sequel and very much anxiously awaiting it!!!