Double Time (Sinners on Tour, #5) - Olivia Cunning
HOT. Crazy hot.
First, I will say I wish the publisher would have not released the books out of order. It will not hinder me in wanting to read the other books. I wanna know how we got the outcomes we got in Double Time. All I am saying is the books and storyline Olivia created rocked. She was completely right in her book order... but that's just my opinion.
Moving on.
Trey is a sweetheart. I think Eric is by far my favorite, but Trey holds a special place. He's loyal and passionate. An all around great person and talented. Olivia can really paint you a picture of the character she is writing.
Reagan is a great chick. She is trying to make her way in life and in her own way. How she wants, not how everyone thinks she should. She's had her broken, bit she didn't keep that from holding her back from opening her heart. I loved her personality and the banter between every character around her.
Ethan sounds hot. He isn't as gruff as he tries to be and he is extremely patient. He waits for Reagan, but doesn't expect to get what he gets. I liked him.
I love seeing more of Exodus End and I cannot wait to read their stories. I'm not sure who I like more out of those guys, but I love Dare. And Logan. And Steve. And Max. Okay, so all of them. I may not have a favorite out of those guys. I really like Double Time. Its not something I would normally read, but I went in with an open mind and wow. Glad I read it. It was hot. Once again, Olivia creates smexy like no one else. Wow. *Fans face*