Hearts in Darkness - Laura Kaye
I have actually read only one of Laura Kaye's other books, but have another on my kindle to read yet. I really enjoy her writing and her stories. Too me they are very entertaining and keep me engaged.
Hearts in Darkness starts out in Makenna's POV. She has had a horrible day and just wants to get home. As her "Good Samaritan" holds the elevator for her due to her horrible time of getting to it she never expects whats about to happen. Then we switch to Caden's POV as he also had a hell of a day and just wants to return hom, he admires the view as "Red" makes her way to the elevator not so gracefully. After getting into the elevator and getting on their way, the power to the elevator fails and they are thrown into the darkness. Not a good thing for Caden. Together they get to know each other and overcome Caden's anxiety over the situation.
It's a short, quick read. I flew through and didn't want to put it down. The connection between Caden and Makenna was not forced, it was very natural. I really liked that in a novella. Normally things are so sped up its like ok, just no. But they were just natural. They had great chemistry and fit well together. They were both great characters and enjoyable. it was a very fun book to read and I am glad I picked it up.