Wait for You (Wait for You, #1) - J. Lynn
JLA... well J. Lynn is what she actually wrote under this time... is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite authors. I really love her books. This one is just as mind-blowing as many of her others!
Avery is determined to make a new life for herself. She has left Texas and all the hell she went through to attend college in at a Virginia University. She's moved herself into an apartment and has things set. What she doesn't count on is Cam. While running to make it to class Avery literally runs into Cam... the extremely gorgeous Cam. After this encounter and learning that they are in class together, she has a couple other encounters including one where she finds out he is her neighbor. This begins the EPIC story of Cam and Avery. Very epic.
We meet a whole lot of amazing characters and have so many intense, happy, sad, hilarious and mind blowing moments. Avery is a girl who is trying to overcome a horrible past. She feels as though she is dealing with it and moving past it, we quickly learn that has not dealt with it and that this will be part of her story. Avery is strong, a lot stronger than she realizes. She is also very kind hearted and loving as much as she is lost. I loved Avery as she quickly became a favorite character for me. Her story is emotional and gritty. I guessed at it, thought I had it... it wasn entirely what I had expected. J. Lynn never disappoints at this... she also surprises me. I really felt for Avery and what she went through... it truely was horrible. Then to be bullied by her peers and basically disowned and unbelieved by her family was even worse. Cam and their friends helped Avery and saved her in so many ways. Her friends Jacob and Brittany rocked. Their banter was HILARIOUS and they really cared about Avery. They were never judgemental and really began the process of helping Avery heal and come out of her shell. I really want to see Brittany get her own book... like with Ollie. Now for my favorite guy... Cam. *Swoons and faints... splashes water on face* Cam is AMAZING. He is compassionate, funny, gorgeous, understanding, patient and sensitive. Cam is so many things. He had a history of his own that he had some issues with, but he pushed past them and dealt with them. He really accepted things for what they were and moved on. He helped Avery do the same. He really loved Avery and as a couple they were amazing and steamy. I loved them together. You really could laugh and cry with them. With Avery Cam was so understanding and patient. He says later that he had an idea as too what had happened to Avery and when it all comes out he is understanding, gentle, cautious and just amazing. He really helps her. Cam has a great group of friends. Ollie his roommate and one of his best friends, then there's Jase. He is another best friend to Cam. Love them both. Ollie is hilarious and I'd love to see him and Brittany get together. Jase sounds like another steamy character and at the end we see something to do with him and Cam's little sister, Teresa. We need a book about them too lol.
I could find more and more to say about Wait for You. I loved it, its my favorite J. Lynn book and one of my favorites out of all of her works. She is a great author. This book is mind blowing and amazing!