Fearless (Elemental, #1.5) - Brigid Kemmerer
Fearless is a very short novella that gives us an introduction to Hunter before we met him in Storm. It may be short, but it is really good. I love the banter between Hunter and Clare and his Uncle Jay and his Dad. I had a lot of quotes in this novella like I did in Elemental and Storm. Storm there were so many I couldn't type them all out or pick! I like getting to see Hunter before the events of Storm and the events that lead to Hunter's appearance in Storm. At heart Hunter is a good kid. He got messed with a lot, but really knew how to take care of himself. He also didn't have the confidence with girls he had in Storm. There were a lot of differences in Hunter between Storm and Fearless. We understand his actions better too. But Hunter really has good values and morals and we see those, we see his thinking behind what the Guides are supposed to do. How he feels about this. How he feels about what he is supposed to one day do. I am really curious to see what happens in Spark and then in Spirit, especially since Spirit is Hunter's story. As far as Clare goes, she was a really sweet girl that we really didn't learn much about. But she was sweet all the same and her home situation really was tragic. I have come to the conclusion that Brigid Kemmerer cannot write a bad story, no matter how short.


"'Does it scare you?" said Clare. "Living in a house with guns?"
Hunter smiled. "It's not like I wake up in the middle of the night to find them staring down at me."
"Shut up." She gave him a light shove. "No, I mean, are you ever worried you'll accidently get shot?"
"You mean, when I catch the assault rifle raiding the refridgerator? Like maybe it'll turn on me?"
Her breath caught again. "You have an assault rifle in your house?"
"Sure. It's partial to lime Jell-O."
"Hunter. Seriously.'" Kindle location 108

"'Scared?" he said, amused.
"Yes," she said. The flush deepened. "A little."
"I've never caught a gun wandering the woods yet."
She shoved him again. "Don't tease."
He started walking again before he had to analyze all this touching too closely. "Sorry. I'll be nice.'" Kindle location 117

"'I figured we'd catch you with a girl one day, but this isn't quote the scenario I imagined."
Hunter sighed. Humiliation was going to kill him" Kindle location 189

"Hunter held out the gun, stock first. "You want to just shoot me and save Dad the time?"
Jay smiled and took the weapon, checking the magazine before putting it back on the wall. "He's not going to shoot you?"
"That would be too quick?"
Now Jay laughed, but then he quickly sobered and gave Hunter a look." Kindle location 198

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