Second Chance Boyfriend (Drew + Fable, #2) - Monica  Murphy
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Second Chance Boyfriend is a knock out. I really liked One Week Girlfriend, it was an emotion read and very good. BUT I loved Second Chance Boyfriend! I love when things come together in a story no matter how many books it takes.
One Week Girlfriend we first meet Drew and Fable. We do get Fable's story and background. We see Fable's insecurities and issues and they really kind of played a role in her actions, but by the end she was determined to overcome those. But Drew's story was up front to me in One Week Girlfriend, it was more his story. Second Chance Boyfriend was more of a turn around. This time they are at home... well the new home Drew created for himself at college and Fable's always home. We see a good mix of her story and his as well as their story. Fable makes some big changes to herself and for herself to be better and she is. She really grows in this book, she also goes through some crazy shit. Drew is determined to be better and work through his mess... for himself and for Fable. In Second Chance Boyfriend we see Drew try to redeem himself with Fable and to see his mess of a homelife come to a head and well go a little crazier for a while. Drew really does grow in this book too and he also overcomes so much. I was sorta proud of both him and Fable. They both learn so much about themselves and hose around them. It was heartwarming to read. For once I fell for a "good guy". Drew is not a bad boy at all and we really see that in Second Chance boyfriend... he is sweet and romantic and I just really love Drew.
We meet a couple new characters in this one. Colin is Fable's new boss and he is a really great guy. He likes to help people and is very ambitious. Although we don't get much of his story. We only get what Jen, another newby, tells us. This brings me to Jen. I really like her. She seems to truly care about Fable. She is down to earth, fun and sweet. She is also very much in love Colin. Her story is kind of tragic and I really hope we see a book about her... and Colin. You can see they both care about each other a lot. We also see more of Fable's little brother Owen. He is a sweet kid and I feel for him. He has a lot to work out in his life, but he has both Fable and Drew. He would be a great future character.
This book blew me away. I loved it and it is one of my favorite sequels. I say everyone should read both of these books. They are well written and make for a great story.

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