Elemental (Elemental, #0.5) - Brigid Kemmerer
Elemental was a short novella that gives uus the beginning of the Elementals series. I have looked at the series on and off for a while, but had never picked it up. Then came a Read Along for the release of book 3 of the series and I figured why not.
This novella introduces readers to the Elemental's world. We get introduced to Michael Merrick, but we are also introduced to the other Merrick boys... Nick, Gabriel, and Chris. It wasn't really enough to get a good hold on their personalities, but it was enough to grab your interest. We do get to know Michael though. He seems like a sweetheart that goes through a lot because of something he has no control over. We also meet Emily Morgan, whose family is determined to hurt the Merrick family... a mortal enemy. But Emily is different, she isn't full of hate for no reason other than being scared of something not understood. Emily and Michael hit it off in Elemental and I know we won't see Michael's book for a while, but I hope we see those two together. I am definitely excited to start Storm...

Quotes I Liked:
"Just like the other day, she watched him sweep the corners with his eyes.
What was he looking for?
His gaze settled on the putter on the glass counter, then lifted to meet hers. "I was kind of kidding about you trying to kill me every time."
She flushed and slid it into the holder." pg. 375 of Storm

"She was quiet for a moment. "I know you think you're alone, Michael, but you're not. Your father and I love you. Your brothers love you -"
He snorted. "Don't be so sure about that. I caught the twins trying to write on my face with a Sharpie at three a.m. the other day.'" pg. 383 of Storm

Elementals Read Along