My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers, #1) - Rachel Vincent
I have come across this series so many times on so many blogs and I never actually picked it up. it even took me a while to put it on my TBR pile. After finally picking it up, I am so very glad I did. My Soul to Take was refreshing to read, it was different. Yes, it was a Paranormal YA, but it was a different supe. It was great and it was one that I have had a fascination with since I was little.
Kaylee is trying to be a normal teenager with as normal of a life as possible, except her life isn't normal and she is far from normal. She lives with her Uncle (her Dad's brother), her Aunt (who is obsessed with youth and beauty), and her cousin Sophie (who needs slapped!). Her mother was killed in a car accident when Kaylee was around 3 and her Dad hit the road to Ireland because he couldn't handle his grief. Her best friend, almost sister in a way, is another cousin Emma (it was never clarified how they are cousins). The story starts with Emma and Kaylee sneaking into an eighteen plus club Emma's older sister works at. They are there just to have fun, hangouts and dance. Everything goes great and then Kaylee is approached by Nash. Nash is one of the most popular guys in their school and has a reputation for being a player. Kaylee does not get why he is paying attention to her. They end up on the dance floor and things go great until a random young girl. Kaylee has an ability... she knows when someone is going to die. And this girl is about to die. As Kaylee begins having her "episode" as she calls it because she believes she is going crazy, Nash helps her and brings her out of it. This of course raises more red flags for Kaylee about Nash. As time goes more and more young girls are randomly dropping dead and so far Kaylee has predicted and been correct about all of them, but one. Nash has helped Kaylee through all of it and then tells Kaylee what she is... because he is the same thing... just after Kaylee approached her Aunt for help and got shut down. Nash then sits through Kaylee finding out from her family. As things with her family and her past begin to get hashed out and complicated, so does the mystery. Nash takes a step to figure it out... introducing Kaylee to Todd. After Todd things unravel quickly and take a surprising and sad twist. It is a good story that keeps your interest that is for sure.
I liked Kaylee. She is a girl who just tries to deal with what she is handed the best she can. She holds it together no matter what. She is strong and for the most part independent, I think this comes from not having her actual parents around. She also seems fairly close to her Uncle and when things start to come out they seem to grow closer. Kaylee doesn't. get freaked out wast and she doesn't dwell on things. She is the suck it up and deal type. Nash is a sweetheart. He is so much more than what he was made out to be. He is also a strong person who has dealt with a lot. He also seems to be his family which I love. He is protective and definitely there for Kaylee. Nash is very swoon worthy. I also liked Todd though... I am probably using the wrong spelling of his name, but I don't have the book in front of me. He is spirited and has a good heart overall. He seems a little out of place with what he does, but I also think he has a sneaky side. Emma is awesome. She was outgoing and caring. She was definitely fun and wasn't judgmental. Kaylee's Uncle and Dad I look forward to seeing more of, they seem like they will be Kaylee's support system along with Nash. Same with Nash"s mother Harmony. Now someone I can stand to see less of.... Sophie. Oh my Gawd! I seriously want to punch her. She was a self-involved, spoiler, sneaky, beat. I hate her.
This was the first book I have read by Rachel Vincent and I have to say I loved it. It was refreshing to see a different supernatural creature and a different take on life and the straightforwardness she gave to death. I really enjoyed My Soul to Take and I am looking forward to finishing the series... let's hope that I as I check these out at my library I don't have some random lady decide to tell me what happens like with the Cjicoland Vamp series.