Spark (Elemental, #2) - Brigid Kemmerer
I had heard this series was good. I had heard tons about the Merrick's. They are all true.
After the events of Storm with chris and Becca, we get Spark which gives us Gabriel and his soon to be girl Layne.
In Storm, Gabriel was hilarious. I love the banter between all the brothers, but Gabriel really adds the hilarity to it. He had moments where he was a massive jerk and quick to judge people. He also was quick to own up to his mistakes and actions when he found out he was wrong. He is also fiercely protective of his family and friends, especially his twin Nicky or Nicky as Gabriel calls him. We only get glimpses of those qualities in storm, in Spark its a full dose. Gabriel is also very quick tempered, so I feel it was very fitting that he is the fire elemental. We see just Why and where Gabriel's anger comes from and it is totally understandable. The boy carries so much and locks it away only to release it outward on those around him. I really felt for Gabriel in this one. At times, it was painful to read when it came to how he felt. BUT he was still a major smartarse and sarcastic...which was hilarious. Let me mention again I love the banter between the brothers... actually between all the characters. It gives these books great pacing and makes them hard to put down.
Layne was a great match for Gabriel. Kemmerer is a master at creating our leading Merrick's heroine. Layne has her own scars and past. Her life is rough in its own way. She came off as shy, quiet, vulnerable and nerdy, but she has a hidden side for sure. Underneath all that reserve... she is quite the firecracker. Layne really held her own at times. I enjoyed her overcoming her struggles and her insecurities. She made for a great read. Layne and Gabriel together was... healing. They went together really well and really helped to heal one another. I really like them as a couple, couple wise more than Chris and Becca.
Then there's well, everyone else lol. Michael we see open up with Gabriel a little and Gabriel finally open up to Michael. We see a good break from the hostility between the two. I loved that. I still love Michael from first reading Elementals. Michael also meets a girl... okay, gets reintroduced to her and I liked her from what we saw of her. I'm happy for Michael. I liked seeing Gabriel helping Michael with this! Lol! That part was funny! Chris and Becca are a force to be reckoned with... still. They really are a great couple. I still like their seperate characters too. Nick is a little less quiet this time. The twins really are complimentary to each other. Fire and Air. I lime them together too. I am excited to read Breathless to see into Nick's character more. He's still not opening up enough for us to see him. He does bring Quinn into the story more. Quinn... I'm sorry, but I do not like Quinn. At all. Maybe I miss understand her. I will keep that in mind, but she just.... claws at my nerves. Then Hunter... I like Hunter. I like the friendship he and Gabriel form and am kind of bummed about the twist that takes. I am glad that he wasn't a bit character in Storm and I'm excited that he gets a book. I love how Kemmerer writes their abilities, they all compliment each other... work well together. Then the each have great power seperately as well. I feel that gives the books and stories depth. I love it! Spark was a great story and I am thrilled I get to read Spirit!

"A knock sounded on his bedroom wall.
"Black," he called. Nicky always slept late, always knocked on his wall to ask what color he was wearing.
If he didn't, they ended up dressing alike." Kindle loc. 88

"Gabriel took the bottle from his hand. "Who are you, and what have you done with my brother?'" Kindle loc. 830

"Michael was filthy, covered in sweat and dust. Stains streaked across his T-shirt. His expression was puzzled. "What are you doing?"
Gabriel half shrugged. "Homework."
An eyebrow raised. "Homework? Should I call a doctor?"
Gabriel took a spoonful of Cheerios and gave him the finger.
"That's better." Michael walked to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water." Kindle loc. 1811

I actually had SO MANY MORE quotes for everyone, but my library loan on my kindle copy expired before I could get them all typed out! =( sorry guys.

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