Devoured (Devoured, #1) - Emily Snow
Great read. Plain and simple.
Sienna has moved away from her childhood home in Tennessee to follow her dreams. She has created a life for herself in California working in wardrobe. Now she has to return to her childhood home to save it. Upon arrival she finds that her Grandmother's house isn't just in foreclosure, but been bought. And it has been bought by None other than Lucas Wolfe, the infuriating rock star whom hurt her and embarrassed her and whom she never thought she'd have to see again. She is shocked and Lucas is just as shocked. He hasn't been able to get her out of his head, so he offers her a deal Sienna can't possibly refuse. Sienna has to sign a contract to be Lucas's assistant for 10 days. She has to play by his rules and be at his beckon call and then he will hand over the deed to her Grandmother's property free and clear. After some thought and a push from his current assistant Kylie, Sienna agrees. So begins a dark and sexy game of Lucas getting Sienna and we see a lot of twists and turns along the way. Devoured is an emotional rollercoaster that keeps you sucked in. Its gritty and hot. Sienna and Lucas together are explosive and hot.
Sienna has had a rough life. She tries not to let it rule her, but it really does. People around her, such as her boss and most of her family, walk all over her and treat her like trash. She lets them all except Lucas. He is one of the only people she stands up to. This pulls Lucas in. We see Lucas teach her to stand up for herself and what she wants. Sienna really grows throughout the story and its great to see. Sienna is a great person with a big heart and talented at what she does. She just needed to be shown these things and that she needed to open up. I liked Sienna a lot. Her insecurities weren't so overpowering that it made her whiney or annoying. She also had a great snarkiness to her that I loved. She seemed more grown up than her age and I hated to see her go through the emotional rollercoaster that is her life. She had her Grandmother, who was great. She had a big heart and loved her family. She was spunky and fun and wise. Then Tori, Sienna's best friend... I liked her. I'd love to get a story about her. I really wish we saw more of her. Sienna's brother Seth was an ass... no way around it. I liked to see how sienna handled that. I was really happy with it. Seth just didn't know how to get past his bitterness. Then there was Lucas... *sighs*. I liked Lucas. At first he seemed to be just a massive asshole, but still hot rock star... I was all in lol. He actually had more depth than I thought at first. He was dark and moody and dominant, but he was also sweet and caring. He was deep and had so much to him. Also a past that kept him tightly in place where he didn't want to be. He taught Sienna to move past her past, but he himself needed to take his own advice. His bandmates were something else and I cannot wait to see more of them too.
Overall, Devoured was awesome. I'm sorry I waited so long to read it. I also cannot wait to read Consumed. Emily Snow has the playlists on Spotify, which I have subscribed to and listening to the one for Consumed has me dying to read it. I've already pre-ordered it from Amazon for my Kindle. I loved the story of Sienna and Lucas and I loved her closing. I cannot wait to keep going. I also need to read the novella All Over You. Great read and everyone should read it!