The Rocker That Holds Me (The Rocker, #1) - Terri Anne Browning
What can I say? I absolutely loved this book. It was a little different than what I have read in a while. In The Rocker That Holds Me Em or Ember has basically been adopted by a group of guys... rock stars... and raised. Nik found Em when Em was only 5 and he 15 and then promptly introduced her to Jesse, Drake and Shane, whom are all Nik's age and best friends. All of themhave horrible home lives and we open the book with proof of just how horrible Em's is and get shown the love and care that all four guys show Em. We then quickly learn how she ended up with the four of them. It was sweet and different to see this situation in a book because I honestly haven't. I mean she was practically adopted by a group of rockers and they are all extremely close. And things get complicated as we see Nik and Em change and both of them seem to be a little blind as to what is going on with the other, except for Jesse. Em also starts to get very sick and the guys worry and that just blows up into a whole ordeal and the major part of the book. It was great.
Short. I wish it were longer and we saw into their lives more than we did. Like I wanted to know more about Nik's background why his childhood was so bad. Same with the other guys, but I sort of figured they'd each get their own book... or I should say hoped they did anyway. Even with it being short, it was put together in a neat, tight package and well written. Especially for its pace and length, it was very well written and I loved it.
Ember is great. She isn't bitter or angry about what her childhood had been because she had "her guys" to help her through everything. Even with as horrible as it was she was strong and happy and thankful for what she did have. I can understand where she was coming from in hiding how she felt for Nik.. it was said best in this quote:
"...I refused to see because when you have nothing you fight for everything that you do have and are too scared of losing it." Kindle location 1370.
It was said best in that quote. You fight to keep what have in fear of losing it, so she hid how she felt. Nik... was amazing. He was compassionate, but scared of becoming his past... even though we didn't know his past, you get that it sucked. He didn't want to lose Em. He was also strong and wasn't too angsty or angry. He had an outlet and was an all around great guy. He was very, very caring for those close to him. The other guys... Jesse, loved. He has to be one of my favorite and I am excited for his book. I loved his personality and how caring he was as well. He came off as very adult, even in the parts showing his past. He was more fatherly or brotherly with Em and acted that way. He also hung on to what he cared about in fear of losing that and we get to see how scared he is of that when Em is sick before she goes to the doctor. Shane and Drake we didn't get much about, but I liked them. Drake has a drinking problem. He knows it and they all know it, but they all work to keep him functioning and are his support until he decides to deal with his demons head on instead of using the bottle. Even with this Drake shows his love for Em and cares a lot about her and the guys. Shane is well... a slut. He uses women as his crutch to deal with his demons. I'm kind of anxious to see a story about Shane and Drake actually.
Overall, The Rocker That Holds Me is a great read. I loved it and it is going on my tops list and favorites. I loved it that much. I'm excited to see more books about the group of charcters we are given and I will keep an open for them and teasers!