Hard to Love - Kendall Ryan
So I read the synopsis and had to read this. HAD to. I've read Kendall Ryan's Unravel Me and loved it, so after that and the synopsis I was all for it. It's the classic story of good girl, very good girl, from a privileged family is tired of being so prim and proper, seeks out bad boy to not be so prim and proper any longer, and falls for the bad boy. Only this bad boy... makes adult films. *Falls over*! I die, seriously. Only this bad boy has a big heart and isn't so bad.
Alexa is a nursing student interning at the local hospital and one night on the late night shift she meets Cade. He has come in for a not so normal ailment, one that is a caused by getting "ready" for his first film. Even so she feels a pull to him and he feels one to her. After we see each of their lives in normal routine, Alexa and Cade meet again when Alexa's friends Mackenzie and Tyson have taken her out. Cade is out just to get out with his friend Ian for once. In running into each other a proposition comes up and Cade and Alexa are thrown together. The more Alexa gets to know Cade the more her heart falls for him. And it's the same for Cade, but will circumstances tear them apart?
Alexa is a sweet girl with a big heart, and honestly not as naive as some characters I have read are in her position. Alexa is a virgin, but for her character it doesn't make her character it is just merely a fact about her. I like that and it was refreshing to read. She came from a privileged family, but one where it was worked for. So although she has a good relationship with her family, her father was a bit absent and her mother was overbearing. Her mother was constantly trying to set Alexa up. Alexa also chose a career path all her own and I respected that about her. She wasn't whiney and she never acted as though she had it rough when she didn't and she wanted to help those around her. She was never judgemental really at all, but when it came to what Cade did she did have an issue. I got that issue. She wanted someone to be faithful to her and while the sex he had with other girls meant nothing... still. I got that and agreed. Cade didn't see it her way at first. Cade I loved. He was a rough around the edges kind of guy. He had a not so great upbringing, but accepted that. He was never bitter or angry about it, though he did have an issue excepting that there are people in the world that care and want him in their lives. He was amazing with his little sister Lily, truly it was great and I loved that aspect of the him and the story. When Alexa gets pulled into that aspect of the story it was seriously heart melting. Cade also has the personality of taking care of who he cares about including standing up for them and to see that... *sighs*. Now Lily is amazing. That little girl... there are no words to adress her. I LOVED her. We didn't see much of Cade's friend Ian, but I liked to and I want to see more him. At the emd we hear about Mackenzie and Ian taking off together... maybe a book for them? That would rock. Mackenzie is Alexa's best friend. She is loud and outgoing, but loyal and loving. She helps Alexa through everything and stands by her side no matter what, but she will give her opinion and even if what was going on went against that opinion... she was still there for Alexa. Loyal. Then Tyson, we don't see much of him either. He has a thing for Alexa and that does come up, but not as much as I first expected and I really liked that. It was refreshing to not have a massive love triangle.
Cade and Alexa were combustible together. The sex was hot and their chemistry great. They went well together, even with their backgrounds. At first it seems like they are two polar opposites, but they have some base traits that compliment each other. That aspect of the book was definitely hot.
Overall, the book was another great read from Kendall Ryan. I really like her books and I plan on reading more of them.