Their Virgin Captive (Masters of Ménage, #1) - Shayla Black,  Lexi Blake
This was part of the Alpha Boys pack just recently released.
I can't remember what got my attention or how I found this one originally, but I have looked at several times on Amazon and when I found out it would be released in a pack I was like "hey, why not?" Their Virgin Captive is written from several different POV's. Hannah Craig works for three gorgeous brothers Gavin, Slade and Dex at the oil company. She is officially Gavin's secretary, but they all have a thing for her and Hannah has a thing for them too... especially Gavin. The brothers find out that Hannah is going through some pretty crazy things... she is being stalked. All three brothers are enraged and scared for her and do they only thing they can think of. They steal Hannah away while they have the case investigated before she can get hurt. Gavin, Slade and Dex... well ok Gavin and Dex all have some angsty issues of thei own to work out and Hannah is very much... you guessed it... a virgin. While away Hannah finds out that Slade and Dex have a HUGE crush on her and want to make something of it and Gavin's past keeps him from moving on and opening up. Hannah begins to overcome the intial fears that she faces in enter a relationship with multiple men and things begin to heat up. But can they get Gavin to break through his issues? Can they figure out who is stalking Hannah before they lose her for good?
Not gonna lie... it was good, but sort of cheesy at times. I don't want to turn anyone off from reading it because it is a good read. It isn't boring, it will keep you engaged and it is EXTREMELY steamy... very hot. First, Hannah is a virgin well into her twenties. You hardly ever see this, I know it is possible, but it is hardly ever seen and she was very nieve in that point. That sort of bugged me... I would think even as a virgin she would know what things are and how things worked more so than she did. Second, for the type of character she was she was way too accepting of a relationship with multiple men. It was unrealistic in that way because they talked her into pretty quickly and I get she liked them... but damn. Gavin's past I got and his angst was realistic and justifiable. On good points... the action in it was pretty good. The book kept you guessing in regards to the stalking issue. The things happening to Hannah were realistic and not over the top. It was something I could really see happening... well most of it. Also as I said very steamy.
Hannah at times was a bit annoying to me at times, but only because of her nieve points (they made me go well duh) and because of how fast she accepted things for being that nieve. She was opinionated and strong though. She didn't fold under the pressure of being stalked and didn't curl into a ball in a corner somewhere and cry. She was doing what she thought needed to be done about it. She also had some spunk to her that I liked. Gavin was the broody, angst filled character every girl swoons over. His angst was justified though and I got it. Slade I loved. I liked his energy and his personality. He was very caring and just a lot of fun to read and read about in the othr POV's. Dex also a favorite of mine. He was the fighter or the brawler. I like the brawlers lol. He was also pretty sweet and caring... with some caveman tendencies too lol.
Overall, Their Virgin Captive is a a good short read. It was a quick read with decent pacing. Some aspects were paced a little quickly while other aspects were just fine. It is steamy if your looking for a quick steamy read... you won't be disappointed there at all.