One Night Forever (The Cinderella Chronicles, #1) - Lisa Renee Jones
Part of the Alpha Men pack.
I really like to read charcters with good chemistry. Matthew Monroe and Lauren Reynolds had that. Lauren is a good girl in a difficult situation trying to make the best of it and create a career for herself. Not an easy task. Her friend convinces her to take a night off and go have fun... put her brain on lock down and have a one stand and does she ever. Matt is hot and their night together is pretty spectacular, but Lauren just wants one night disappears from Matt's bed. Fast forward a year later to Lauren's first day at a top advertising firm where she is introduced to her new boss... none other than Matthew Monrow himself. Well that is an "Oh, shit" situation if I ever heard of one and to make matters worse... that chemistry is still there, Matt remembers her and has no intentions of backing down.
Matthew Monroe is a playboy when we first meet him, but he see's the light when he has his night with Lauren. Now a reformed player, he gets a new chance with Lauren and he is not one to back down. I loved that about him... he went for what he wanted and fought hard. He did not back away no matter what. You could tell he cared for Lauren and he tried his hardest to accomodate for what she wanted, even if it kind of hurt him in the process and he was just an all around great guy. He really wasn't a bad boy, but was an alpha male. Lauren... irritated me at times. She was all career, career, career at times which I do get, but she has this great guy right there! Grr! She just came off as chicken and bitchy at times. She did have good qualities though. She was strong and strong willed, she could deal with a lot of things and she did have a big heart. The chemistry the two had was definately hot and tastefully done.
One Night Forever was very steamy and sweet. It was also a lot of fun to read and very quick. For as short as it is you get a full detailed story that doesn't cheat you on details or storyline.