All the Pretty Lies (Pretty, #1) - M. Leighton
M. Leighton is one of those authors that can effectively blow my mind with every book! All The Pretty Lies is no different.
Sloane is an art student with some tragedy in her past and a over-protective family looking to bust out of the shell she's in. Step number one on her list is a tattoo and she has no idea how much her life is truly about to change when she walks into The Ink Stain and meets Hemi. Sloane and Hemi have an attraction like no other and no matter how much Hemi fights it... it's unavoidable. While Hemi gives in, he still hides some pretty big screts. Ones that could not only tear them apart, but tear Sloane apart. Sloane has her own secret too though. What secrets are either hiding and can they survive them?
I love M. Leighton books. She has a way of dropping just enough info that you can't help but be enticed and need to keep going. She has the ability to surprise you too. And the smexy... Lord does she set a whole new bar. M. Leighton is comparable to JLA in my book and I enjoy her writing just as much. Her style and pacing are always great and the characters always have so much depth, even her secondary characters. Sloane and Hemi are no different.
Sloane is a stubborn, strong-willed firecracker of a girl. She has been shelter by her father and older brothers... all cops by the way... and just wants to spread her wings and be her own person. I love her determination, but I love how she still has a caution to her insstead of just going buck wild and going crazy. She's smart about going off on her own. I also love the fact that she is an artist and the creativity she has. It really comes through in the book. And the loyalty that sloane has for the people she loves is amazing and comes through. The same with Hemi. I LOVED Hemi... the reformed bad boy who really was a great guy. He had a bad boy exterior and past, but he was truly a genuine good guy in my eyes. I loved his loyalty to his family and to Sloane. I love a creative guy and I loved the fierceness he had to him. The chemistry between was combustible and very hot. You could almost feel their frustration at times. It was awesome and then when they came together... it was hot. I loved these two together. Now it would not be an M. Leighton book without some amazing secondary characters... and there were so many! I LOVED Sloane's brothers! Loved them! I like that they are all S names too! They were all great characters. Then her crazy best friend... she was pretty cool. Hemi's brothers were pretty awesome too and I'm excited to see Reece getting a book. I sincerely hope that she gives Hemi's brothers their own story and Sloane's brothers. She has so much to work with... I love when she creates a world like that!
All the Pretty Lies was an addictive story I loved and could read again and again. It was just that awesome. I look forward to a series and hopefully a long one!