Hello All! It's time for another Seaons of Reading Read-a-thon and this one is a fun one! Horror! I love a good horror book or thriller as I am a lover of all things Halloween, so a horror read-a-thon in Spring is just what I need for a good pick me up! I have plans... not big ones, but still plans. This read-a-thon requires at least ONE horror novel. I'm going to get that in. Plus I just got a new Kindle for my birthday... so this is just awesome! Perfect way to try it out.



Read The Haunting Season by Michelle Muto

Read Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski

and If I can't get The Haunting Season to download... Anna Dressed In Blood will be my replacement


I'm also in the process of finishing a book, Off Sides by Sawyer Bennett. Plus i have a book due back to the library, White Hot Kiss, I'm going to try and get it in.

So my goal is 4 books total.


I am determined to do this! This is going ti be a crazy week of my own making. For work I have to re-interview to get a summer position and well I'm trying to get a promotion in the Summer Program. I got it for the School Year, but now let's see if I can achieve it with Summer. So I'm a basket case... So I'm going to read and calm myself and enter a different world to do so...So good luck and happy reading people! And wish me luck! *Crosses Fingers* I hope this is a fun one for all!