Broken Dreams (Broken Series) - Kelly Elliott

I really like this series and book 2 made me like it more!

Courtney Will loves books...always has. She has always believed in her Prince Charming and at one time thought she'd found him, but he turned out to be a real nightmare. Reed Moore tries to come off as a bad boy or a player. He has decided against settling down and falling in love because of a really rocky past. One full of mistakes and watching other people's pain. But neither expected to be thrown together when their best friends unexpectedly meet and fall in love. Both Courtney and Reed spend much of their time fighting what they feel and people get hurt. But sometimes you just can't fight what's really meant to be. Sometimes someone can fix things you never thought could be fixed.

I really loved Reed and Courtney in Broken. They were great characters that I really loved. They were really great with Whitley and Layton. We get to know them better in Broken Dreams and I love them as much as Whit and Layton! Courtney is spunky and loving. She has a great personality and is a very caring person. Same with Reed. Courtney and Reed have some pretty hilarious antics! I really enjoyed their story and how it came together. For me it felt realistic, just a little sappy. BUT Kelly can write a heck of a romance. It was sweet and fun. I liked how she made two damaged people, but they weren't ruled by it. They weren't whiney, they didn't dwell much... she created characters that were like this happened to me, but I have got to keep going. They issues came up, but they felt real. She did a very good job addressing what Courtney went through and creating a different type of situation. Elliot created a character that handled things in a very different way, but a realistic one. Everyone handles tragic or horrible situations differently. I liked how she did Courtney's. I also liked how she wrote Reed's as well. How it affected him as a person. I just liked the over all flow too. I have so many highlighted portions! They were hilarious together! 

Kelly Elliot wrote a great story and created a great world. I cannot wait to see more books come from this world she has created. I'm excited to see the next book (she has said who it's about, but it'll be a spoiler). Although I wish she would wait for them and give us Kevin and Jen or bring Courtney and Whit's friend Stacey into it. What about Courtney's brother and fiancee... we got their beginning, but she really set up for a great story about their future. I hope to see more of this series and more from Elliot!