Fight For You - Magan Vernon

I have to say that I really wanted to like this book. Badly. I love a good mafia romance and I really have not found a great one yet. I haven't read any of Magan Vernon's book except for her  novella from Christmas, Off The Market, and I enjoyed it. It was a cute read. I also plan on reading her Alien series. Fight For You, however, was not a book for me.

The blurb drew me in and I also really liked the cover. Nicky Ragusa is the son of a mafia boss and he doesn't want to except his position within the family business. He's a fighter and wants to stay there. Then he meets Jackie. The situation she's in has Nicky fighting to get her and to keep her. A fight that puts him in the last place he wants to be... right in the middle of a war and in the middle of the family business.

I had many reasons for not finishing this book. First of all the characters kind of annoyed me. They moved way too fast and the timing just didn't appear accurate or real to me. Then it felt like she did not keep true to her setting. It was set in Chicago, but yet they're at times speaking like they're in Jersey or New York. My husband and his family are Italian and are not from either place and they do not speak like that. It's not an Italian thing or a mob thing... it's a Jersey or New York thing. It just came off as too Soprano's... and when it comes to that... I hated Tony's son, he drove me nuts, and there is a secondary character that came off like him to me, so I didn't really like him. And as I said before, I really wanted to like this book. It sounded awesome, but I just couldn't keep myself in it. She had great writing and a great story, I just didn't like how it was told.