Be with Me - J Lynn

I have waited a long time to review this book. No matter how long I take, everytime I think about it it makes me speechless. This was an amazing addition to the Wait For You series.

Teresa Hamilton's year has sucked so bad. She has been forced to do her Plan B due to an injury that could end her dance career. The career she absolutely loved and wanted to achieve more than anything. She's still fighting her inner demons after the horrible relationship she went through as a teenager. Plus she is in love with her brother best friend and after a life altering, mind-blowing kiss... he won't speak to her and avoids her like she has the plague. Too bad for him that her Plan B just so happens to be the same college he and her borther attend (insert sly smile here). Jase Winstead is in over his head in secrets. He has a secret he hides from everyone, but his best friend and another secret he hides from everyone... one he tries to hide from himself even. He doesn't want to admit the feelings he has for his best friend's little sister Teresa. He has responsibilities that need to take priority and that he doesn't want to bog her down with. He also has demons that he can't face. But now Teresa is a freshman at the very same college he and her brother attend. Now they are thrown together more and more and denying feelings is harder and harder for both Teresa and Jase. They have to decide for themselves and together if they are a risk worth taking and if they can make it before tragedy strikes and wrecks everything.

I abosultely LOVED Wait For You and was over the moon for this book. It of course did not disappoint. I don't think JLA could ever write a bad book. granted I'm not a big fan of her Deity series, but it's still good. Be With Me is a great book about trying to do what you think is right and figuring out what's right. It was very romantic and steamy. As far as they steamy goes, it has Wait For You beat in my opinion. Wait For You was more sweet romance... Be With Me Jase and Teresa combust! It was pretty damn hot. I also love the fact that hey their in college and JLA shows that. I love the cupcakes by the way... who knew cupcakes could be so freaking hot!

Teresa was character in Wait For You that I really wanted to know about. I really like her the more I know her. She is strong yet vulnerable. She is a fighter without it being overly done. She's still a girl. I like how she was one to pick herslef back up and keep going. I also loved that she wasn't judgemental. She got to know people and cared no matter. She tried really hard and the help she gives those around her is admirable. I loved the passion she had as a person in everything she does. She gives things her all and when it came to her injury... I was in tears. Jase I loved as well. He was hot in Wait For You... Be With Me he's... I don't even know a word to describe how hot he is. The cupcakes...*swoons*. Jase I admired as well and was not what I expected. Not gonna lie I caught on to a few things really quick once I started reading, but I never saw it coming in what I read about him in Wait For You. He really is an all around great guy. And him and Teresa together... good gawd! It was explosive. they absolutly ignite when they're together. I love them as a couple. I truly do.

Be With Me takes you on a wild ride of twists and turns and thing you definitly do not expect. I did not see a lot of that coming and it was some awesomeness. it was a great book that hooks you from page one. I cannot say it enough... it was great. I look forward to more books in this series and I hope we get to see more of the characters we've already met.