I'm excited! FirsLet's see if I can review-a-thon right here *points to self*! And horribly. I have reblogged the original sign up post made my Romancing the Dark Side, so all the particulars are available on that post or you can click the button above. So goals....


To complete any unfinished 2014 reviews. I think around 7.

To post those reviews on Amazon.

Update challenge pages & link up for challenges if I still can.

So there they are! Let's see if I can make it!



1. 3/21 Fading by E.K. Blair

2. 3/21 Come Undone by Madelynne Ellis

3. 3/22 Angel's Halo by Terri Anne Browning

4. 3/22 All The Truth That's In Me by Julie Berry

5. 3/22 Bitter Sweet Love by Jennifer L. Armentrout

6. 3/22 Lucky Number Four by Amanda Jason

7. 3/22 Be With Me by J. Lynn


3/22 Update- Look at that I met my goal and I got all caught up with reviews for the year! I also have my challenge pages updated, except for the ones kept on a shelf, and moved around. I need to notify the bloggers who run the challenges I'm participating in that I need to update my sign up to my BookLikes account still though and I haven't uploaded any reviews to Amazon. I don't think I will have time too.


3/24 WRAP UP

I got the reviews done I wanted to get done and challenge pages updated. I did pretty good. this was the push I needed to get everything done and hope that I can find other review-a-thon's. They're great! I even got my quarter wrap up posts for challenges done and set for posting! Thank you for hosting ladies! it was fun!