Ides of March Read-a-thon

So I'm a tad bit late with this post. As I mentioned in a previous post I took a short break, but I think I'm back. I lost my Grandmother a week ago today and it is a hard loss for me. We will see how well I fair with this. My goals are quite simple... catch up on the week I missed. I decided on one book a week for the Take Control and I had planned on using Ides of March as a get ahead of that goal, but that isn't the plan any longer. I will read the book I missed and one more. So...

2 books and 1 challenge

I'm thinking that that will be perfect for me. It shouldn't be too much for me at all. I hope everyone has fun and does great with their goals! Happy reading!


That's a wrap!

I ended up only getting one book in... Divergent. I had planned to read Alienated too, but Divergent just ended up taking priority or rather I couldn't put it down. I did however end up doing 3 challenges. That I was happy about. So all in all it was a pretty good read-a-thon!