Three Broken Promises  - Monica  Murphy

Monica Murphy does it again!

I absolutely loved Drew and Fable's story. I loved Colin and Jen when they were introduced. I had hoped they would get their own story and was seriously overjoyed when Monica announced that they indeed would. I pre-ordered as soon as it became available for pre-order and then waited. For me, it did not disappoint.

Jen and Colin have known each other for years. Jen grew up chasing after her brother Danny and his best friend... Mr. Colin Wilder. Both grew up in a poor small town and neither had much growing up. Colin and Danny were practically brothers, but when it came to Jen the older she got the less sisterly Colin's feelings were. Of course like the typical best friend/sister romance Colin swore her off. Colin and Danny were going to sign up for the military together, but Colin was offered the chance of a lifetime and didn't go. Danny went anyway and didn't come back. This pulls Jen and Colin together. Jen ranaway from home as soon as she was 18 with diploma in hand. It didn't go so well. Colin found Jen in not so great circumstances and Jen won't tell Colin all that went on. They live together, the chemistry between them is insane... but both deny their feelings. They fight it. Now Jen can't take it anymore and decides that it's once again time to strike out on her own, but Colin doesn't want to let her go. Can they both set their stubbornness aside and admit their feeli gs to the other? Can Colin commit? Can either let go of their pasts and past problems and move on?

Three Broken Promises has a lot going on in it. Both Jen and Colin have some past issues to work through. Colin carries a lot of guilt while Jen carries fear and shame. Colin I seriously love. He is a gentleman, even as a playboy. He is charming and sweet, caring and loyal. He is also headstrong and stubborn. He has some serious commitment fear that has been drilled into his head growing up. Jen is sweet, loyal, fun loving and also headstrong and stubborn. She is hellbent on being independent and capable of standing on her own two feet... her freedom. So much so that she lets that cloud her judgement as to what Colin is truly showing her. She wants words and that is HARD for Colin... actually hard is an understatement. At times, both drove me a little nutso with their stubbornness... so much so I wanted to strangle them and I got kind of tired of eithers crap. Its like come on already! But I totally got it just the same. Both have deep issues that they need to let go of, they just haven't realized that they don't need to do it alone. They are issues that can be overcome together... they just don't see that. I love their chemistry and their relationship. I get their hardships and I love that they're things people do deal with every day. Blank ow I have to mention this... have to. The freaking roommate! OMG! Can we say dumbass. She made my skin crawl... drove me up a wall... head met desk a few times. I mean DUH... okay, rant over. As I said though, their stubbornness did begin to wear on me. You can only be so stubborn and only avoid so much. At times Jen went a little overboard with her stubbornness. 

I also loved that Drew and Fable were very much a part of the story. It wasn't just them being mentioned in passing... they were integral parts to the story. Just as Jen and Colin were in the conclusion of Drew and Fable's. I LOVED that Monica made them actual so condary characters. Oftentimes, you don't see that in a series like this. They're mentioned in passing or have a short conversation. Nope. Not here. They are true secondary characters and I love Monica more for it! I adore how she accomplishes this in her writing. I also love the way she write dual point of views. She has a way of giving each character their own unique voice while still finding a way to connect the characters personalities in some way so that they click. So that the relationships are genuine and real. I love reading her work can't wait for the upcoming book and novella coming up.

Overall,  I freaking loved this book! I love Jen and Colin's story as much as Drew and Fable's. I went with a 4.5 because Jen did drive me a little bonkers. Either way I loved the book and their story. I hope both couples are written into Owen's story as well as Drew and Fable were this one. I'm looking forward to the upcoming novella and I can't wait to hear Owen's story.