Fragile - M. Leighton
I was excited for Fragile to come out and actually won it from Courtney Cole. My excitement was well placed! Fragile was an amazing story. I loved both Hardy and Miracle. I adored Miracle's strength and outlook on life. I admired how she could find the good in people, even when they don't deserve to be looked at as a good person and I admired the way she looked at everything around her with... open eyes. She appreciated life, what she'd been given in the life, the time she had and...well, life in general. Hardy is one of my favorite leading guys! He is a genuine person and learns how to see life as Miracle does. He also is a very strong person to handle Miracle and her situation. I've seen boyfriends in real life walk away because they couldn't handle it. I also loved how M. Leighton painted Hardy's homelife, but made Hardy strong enough to handle it. Unlike what I've seen in some novels he takes his situation, but still allows himself to live. To not let it run him or destroy his life and he protects the innocents in hos family with strength and in a safe way, he didn't resort to violent methods of handling it. The story was very realistic and was well written. I'm glad she chose this subject matter, some people are too uncomfortable to wrote about it and tries to sugar coat the things children go through, but this story does not. Children go through these things every day. In fact, I can relate as one of my childhood friends did. While we were in fourth grade she was diagnosed with cancer and it was found all over her body and she went through the very thing Miracle did in Fragile, but it was with her mother. So I can definately appreciate Fragile, but even some of the people I know personally who have been through it don't have the outlook Miracle does. I hope those people read Fragile and learn to see life that way.