Easy - Tammara Webber
From the very first sentence of this book my attention was captured. The action in this book was immediate and there was never a slow point from there. I thought the characters were well developed and colorful. I loved Lucas, Jacqueline, and Erin. They were very well portrayed. I also very much appreciated the issues that were addressed in Easy. They definately struck home for me, I could relate to the girls all the way through the book. I'm glad to see that someone pointed out the issues that arise on their situations and how hard they are to deal with. Strength in yourself can be hard to find when those around don't support you or have strength of their own. Lucas's problems, past and present, were slightly unique. I haven't actually read a fictional book where the exact situation he went through was written. Murderer of course, but never that. I loved the author's flow and tone. I really enjoyed the book and its one I will be reading again.