Between - Cyndi Tefft
First I have to say that reading a book with a character name Lindsey Marie was a little strange, but cool, when...well that's your name. Same first name anyway... my parents changed my middle to Mariah from Marie at the last minute. But it was cool. Anyway... It would figure that lindsey waters would find love in death. Aiden MacRae is a smoldering Scottish grim reaper, well transporter. He takes te soulds of the dead to the gates above. He's done this for an awfully long tim too. Things are immediately turned upside down for the both of them and they begin an intense relationship. At first I was a little hesitant about how quickly their relationship progressed, but after a while it came to together and that intense relationship made all the scense in the world! I also loved both Lindsey & Aiden. I liked how Lindsey wasn't one to dwell, she excepted a lot of things but fought for what she believed in and what she held closest. She was not petty or jealious. She was an all around great person with a good heart. Aiden had a good heart to, but he held onto things that kept him captive and held him back. The situation with Lindsey's parents was very real. I've seen too many of my friends go through that. I felt for Lindsey's dad most of all and her mom I honestly felt was petty and bitter about things that were her own fault. I really liked the author's take on life after death, near death experiences and religion in general. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel.