Obsidian (Lux, #1) - Jennifer L. Armentrout
I have read review after review about Obsidian and have heard amazing things about this book... I finally read it and they were definately right! I LOVED Obsidian. It was a great book.
Katy moves to West Virginia thanks to her mother deciding to start fresh, causeing Katy to have to start fresh her senior year. Not an easy or comfortabl thing to do. Then to have your jerk of a neighbor... who also happens to be crazy hawt and not entirely normal... add to it, makes for a crazy and even more of a complicated time.
I like Katy a lot. She was spunky, but not way over confident or way insecure. She did have her insecurities, but JLA made her seem like the average teenage girl with typical issues and common occurances. I really liked how she developed throughout the story.
Her friend Dee, I also loved. She was spunky & fun loving. I loved that she had a lot of confidence to her, but so much so that she was arrogant or anything.
Daemon... wow. Ok I agree with everyone there. He is... great. The typical good bad boy lol. He tries to do what's right, but it doesn't always work & well he creates more of a mess than he tried not to. I loved how JLA created Katy & Daemon's relationship. I mean he was a jerk... a lot. And I would've been really disappointed if Katy would've gone all swoon & ignored that. No I love their relationship & how it ended. I'm excited to see where it goes & how it unfolds.