Take Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #3) - Olivia Cunning
Take Me is the third book in Olivia Cunning's Sole Regret series and in this one we get to glimpse into lead singer Shade's life. And what a complicated and emotional life he has. Shade comes off as an egotistical ass, but you could tell therrle was more to him than meets the eye. There definately is. Jacob "Shade" Silverton has a complicated life off stage and off tour that is really unfair in some aspects and in some respects its some of his own fault and others not so much. He has reason behind his actions.
As we start this book, the guys are headed home after several weeks. It takes place right in time with Adam and Madison's book. I loved the glimpse into Jacob's life and I understand him a lot more and I like him a lot more too. I can't really say much without giving him completely away, but we do meet Amanda Lange. She knows Jacob/Shade as well as he knows himself. She see's through his fa├žade. Amanda is a best friend to him and untouchable. The problem they both want each other and they both want more from the other than either will admit. There is a lot of whit that could happen if anything serious happened between them, but feelings don't always stay out of the way and things get heated.
I really like Olivia's books. They're realistic and intense and hot. I can't wait for the next Sole Regret book and like with Gabe and Mel and Adam and Madison, I will be anxiously awaiting the continuation of Shade and Amanda's story.