Opal (Lux, #3) - Jennifer L. Armentrout
Oh my God... the ending.
Just... holy crap.
Sorry everyone, but the English language... or, well, any language for that matter, fails me at the moment. *Takes deep breath & attempts to gather scattered thoughts*
Okay, let me try this again.
Opal was AMAZING! Awesome! Incredibly... I don't think I know that many positive adjectives to give it the amount of praise it truely deserves. I LOVE JLA's Lux series! The first, Obsidian is amazing and each book from there... just gets better. Some series' I've read will have a book sometimes fall short... not JLA's. Not the Lux series. And it's packed full of surprise after surprise... you can never guess what's going to happen... and funny moments are everywhere!
The character's are amazing, they have a lot of depth & suprise you at every turn. They're always learning something new & it's never just something that happens. There's always build up to those lessons. There's real life there mixed with the fictional story. It's realistic that way. Her character's are always great, even the bad guys. And her bad guys... yup, you really do want to reach through the book and strangle them. *Coughs* Blake. Just when you get comfortable with him & think okay maybe... *sighs*. But he was wrtten as a great character, bad guy or not. Dee... my heart still goes out to Dee and it sucked to see her & Katy's relationship the way it was, but I understood & I was honestly happy with how it was written. I think I would've been more upset had she written Dee as all accepting & just over it. What she was going through was real & was amazing shown in Opal. Although now... my heart goes out to Dee more after finishing Opal. Because of that rocky time I'm guessing things are going to be hard for her because no matter what... Dee still loves Katy. I also liked how Andrew, Ash & Matthew evolved in Opal. Ash aggrivates me & I have the feeling in the next books she's still going to aggrivate me... especially when it comes to Daemon.
Now... Daemon & Katy.
I love both of them... more now than ever. Seperately & as a couple. As a couple their chemistry is undeniable & explosive. I love how JLA wrote them in every book, but Opal is by far my favorite when it comes to them. They still have the stubborn arguements. They still have the playful banter. Their still them. Its not all sappy love story... though that's there too. I love how she wrote them together in Opal. I cheered, did a happy dance... It was awesome.
Now that ending. Wow. I sat in tears & in shocks for probably five minutes. Shook my head while argueing outloud with my Kindle that it was wrong & read the last 3 chapters all over again. Still in shock... I had to tweet Miss Val of Stuck In Books book blog to make sure I wasn't missing a chapter or something. While waiting for her response... I read the last chapter AGAIN & promptly threw my kindle to the opposite side of my couch as though it caught fire. After her response telling me yes that happened... I've glared at it for the past hour. EPIC ENDING. ABSOLUTELY EPIC! Holy freaking wow! Just wow! Can't believe it ended like that. Now I'm anxious for the 4th book, Origin.
I'm curious as to how JLA is going to do this in the aspects of the world around the Luxen & Katy, Katy's mom, with Ash, with Dee, with Dawson, Beth, Blake, & well with Katy & Daemon themselves. Maybe anxious isn't the word actually... more like wishing it was released with Opal, lol. I officially am to a point where I cannot pick a favorite out of the series & don't think I ever will be able to now. They are all so amazing. Thought I could after Onyx... but now with Opal. There's no way. They are all Epic. The series as a whole is epic & one of my all time favorites! So thank you to JLA for creating it & thank you again to Val from Stuck In Books for convincing me to read it!