White Trash Beautiful (White Trash, #1) - Teresa Mummert
What to say about White Trash Beautiful?
It definately gave the reader a glimpse of extreme poverty. Additction. How much a person can withstand until reaching a breaking point. Abuse. Drug use. And finding out who really cares and finding out that in such horrible situations and happeneings there are people who care. It hit on a lot in a short time.
Cass has had a hell of a life. She's always struggled financially, but that has since gotten worse. She had someone to stand by her side and rely on, but Jackson has fallen into drug addiction and doesn't want out. Her mom has never really been there since losing her husband and life has been nothing but enduring her mother's abusive boyfriend. Cass is trying. Hard. To make a better life for them. And one day Tucker White walks into the diner she works at. Her life takes a drastic tun and she fights to move past so much. Can she do it? Can she do it and survive? Is what Tucker says real?
Cass was apretty good character. I understood her anger. Her hurt. Her life has sucked and the people who were supposed to love her have failed her time and time again. She gets to a point where things look up only for them to come crashing down around her. And its always been that way. Since her dad left anyway. It hurts and a person can become bitter with their situation. I got it. It was still heartbreaking. Jackson could probably be a decent guy, but he couldn't take the pressure of trying to climb out of the hole known as poverty. Its hard to overcome. He wasn't there for Cass at all when the drugs took over and its hardnfor a person who does still love them to walk away. Especially when in their mind, that person has been there... but physically isn't the only way that counts.
Tucker is a pretty cool character, but we honestly don't gt to learn much about him. He doesn't have a whole lot of depth and I hope in the second book we learn more about him... his life... his personality. All of him. Because he does seem great and to genuinely care for Cass. He stuck it out with her and was willing to be by her side through anything she needed or went through.
I was a little sad to see that the climax of the book. Was a little unrealistic to me. Not trying to give it away, but after that... she should have been in the hospital for at least a week. That was never said if she was or wasn't. I was sort of disappointed about that part.
It was a good story and it kept me drawn in the whole time. I read it straight through and it was a fairly quick read.