Unravel Me - Kendall Ryan
Ashlyn (which by the way... I love that name) is a Ph.D student looking for a study to give her an edge for her paper and for an article in her research on amnesia. She finds just that when her professor steers her towards a case with a John Doe who has possibly committed a murderer. He remembers nothing about his past and has no recollection of the murderer. He has had no come forward to say who he is or what is his life. His only clues are the tattooed on his body, which earns him a ahem from Ashlyn... Logan. Who is he? And what is with this crazyy attraction to him?
This book was deep, dark, seductive and just plain sexy. It was something new for me for sure and I loved it. It kept me at an edge... will "Logan" remember who he is, what his life previously was? What will happen if he does remember or even if he's just told what it was? Was his previous life dangerous and could it be a danger to Ashlyn? You never really could guess with Unravel Me and I loved that. I loved not knowing and he surprise of it. Ashlyn and "Logan's" relationship was great. They had awesome chemistry and passion and fell together easily. You could tell that were also compatible intellectually too. They were great together.
Ashlyn was a good character. She kept herself guarded because of her past, but was still a good person and a happy person. Although she ends up having to question how happy she is wit her life when she meets "Logan". Logan is also an awesome character. I completely understood his angst throughout the book. I mean... hello, he has freaking amnesia. He remembers nothing before he woke up in a hospital. But he seems to grow and become a whole new person and a great one. I also liked Liz, Ashlyn's best friend. She was a good friend to Ashlyn and I'm curious to know her story because there is definately reason for how she acts and carries herself.
I really loved Unravel Me and I look forward to reading the next book!