Grave Memory - Kalayna Price
Another great Alex Craft book! I'm a huge fan of this series, but even though I did love book 2 it didn't go as far as book 1 had, but book 3... out did both. It made me emensely happy & then that happiness promptly deflated, but it still finished with a bang that I did not expect & that has me dying for the next book already.
Alex has this huge issue with getting involved in high profile cases whe she should be laying low. She also has a love triangle going on where she can't actually be with either guy. Plus she still needs to figure out her fae heritage, figue out Faerie & decide what she's going to claim... all with the pressure of a crazy witch (with a capital B) of a Winter Queen reeking havoc on her life & her father doesn't give a whole lot of insight. This case is even more high profile, even more complicated, involves higher ranking officers, & a whole lot of issues stemming from its core. Its a mess, a big mess... who knew investigating a string of suicides could turn into such a deadly mess. We see all the regular characters & I was happy for that. I do love Falin, but I have been team Death the whole series. In this book we start to understand Alex's issues with love a lot more, but even if she won't put a name to the emotion we see how she truely feels about Death and in my opinion... those feelings are above & beyond what she has for Falin. I just don't think she understands all of it. This is were I was most excited in the book & ended up deflated.. I love Death's charater. He is awesome & great for Alex... it was sad for me. I actually had a few tears. I was glad to see her Father coming into her life more & more. I think he truely loves his daughter, he just has a weird way of showing it & I think his "long game" will surprise the hell out of everyone... audience & Alex combined. He definately drops one hell of a bomb on Alex is this book. And the end... I almost died. I can't wait for the next one!
Grave Memory was packed with action, suspese, mystery, steamy scenes & all the drama a person ask for. It was filled to the brim! Great book!