Taming the Tycoon - Amy Andrews
Loved this book! I thought it was very adorable.
The story was fresh in my eyes. Real estate tycoon Nathaniel Montgomery is a workaholic. He has made a promise to his father while he was on his deathbed and he intends to keep it. He's careful and controlled and he doesn't do relationships. He has his sights set on his last major deal to get his first billion, but he has one problem. A protest group trying to save a 200 year old rose garden... and now Addie Collins. He meets her in a very unconventional way and well doesn't go away. They go through a series events that lands them at. Nate's 80 year grandmother's birthday party acting as a couple. And things heat up from there. Addie isn't Nate's typical girl. She's more like his hippodrome mother and grandmother... but she opens Nate's eyes to a lot. I loved that the story seemed very realistic and the chemistry between Nate and Addie was amazing. Whether the two realized it or not they really dis complement each other really well. They really do a lot for each other in the book. It was a very cute story and I will definately read it again.