Twice Bitten - Chloe Neill
Twice Bitten is my favorite in the series so far. The book was a rollercoaster ride of action and emotion. I loved the storyline with the shutters and I was really happy to see Nick back in the story and civil. He and Merit work well together, and I hope to see them gain a friendship as he series progresses. I also hope things with the rest of the shutters progress. Gabriel is a great character. I really liked his banter with Merit and his personality. And everyone else is still just as awesome.
The storyline with Ethan and Merit draws me in. They really souled be great for each other and you see that a little bit in Twice Bitten. We also see that its still not going to be easy between them. I can't wait to see what comes next for them.

"'It should be illegal for smug vampires to look that good," Lindsey said, clucking her tongue.
"That is so true," I agreed, thinking a little less hotness would make my relationship with Ethan a lot simpler." pg. 14-15

"'You involve me in shenanigans at every opportunity."
"She has a point, Liege."
Ethan clucked his tongue. "Captain of my Guards and he carries the standard of my Sentinel. Oh, how quickly they turn."
"You're first in my heart, Liege."
This time, Ethan snorted." Pg. 27

"'When he and Ethan had finished their manly handshaking, Gabriel looked over at me. "What's the going rate for a loaner Sentinel these days?"
"Patience," said Luc and Ethan at the same time.
A hint of a smile crossed Gabriel's face. I rolled my eyes." Pg. 30

"'I can't believe you aren't being supportive," she said, rolling her eyes. She toed into sensible black heels as she slid her phone into the pocket of her jacket.
"I'm- I'm supportive. Yay, Lindsey." My tone was flat, but I gave her a halfhearted fist wave.
Once she was shoed, she put her hands of her hips, one blond eyebrow arched. "I've found the love of my very long, very immortal life, and all I get is 'Yay, Lindsey'? Some friend you are."
"Love of your life? Connor? Are you sure?" That time, my voice actually squeaked.
She nibbled the edge of her lip like a love-struck teenager, then put her hand over her heart. "I'm wicked sure."
We stood there in silence for a minute. "Yay, Lindsey," I said again, when words failed me.
She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fine, fine. I'm not having a lusty, sordid affair with a hot, nubile Novitiate. That was my dry cleaner on the phone."
I resisted the urge to ask how she was going to explain "latex" the next time she talked to her dry cleaner... On the other hand, that actually kinda worked.
"Thank God," I said. "I was having Mallory and Catcher flashbacks."
She pushed me back out the door, then closed it behind us. We began the trek to the first floor and the Cadogan buffet. "Was it really that bad? I mean, Bell is hot. H-A-W-T hot."
"So hot you lost your appreciation for spelling?"
"Yeppers. Surface-of-the-sun hot."
"You know who else is hot?" I asked her.
"Don't say 'Luc.'"
"Oh. My. God," I said, putting my hand against my chest in mock surprise. "You are psychic."
She grumbled, as she was wont to do every time I brought up the name of the boy she should have been chasing. Not that I was nosy... but they'd be so good together.
And then she brought out the big guns.
"I'll be ready to discuss Luc with you," she said as we trotted down two flights of stairs to the main floor, "when you're ready to talk about your plan to ensnare the second-prettiest blond vampire in the House."
"Is Luc first in tha calculation?"
Lindsey snorted, then tugged at her own blond ponytail. "Hello?'" pg. 52-53

"Gabriel hit it out of the park on his first at-bat. "Kitten," he asked, "did Sullivan give you a raise?"
I crossed my hands on the table and leaned toward the phone. "Sadly, Gabriel, he did not. I believe my skills are sorely underappreciated."
"I have trouble believing that's true, Kitten. But vampires are vampires."
I had a feeling shifters used that phrase quite often, and not flatteringly. But when I glanced up at Ethan, he wore a look of amusement." Pg. 112

"Ethan chuckled. "You seem to be enjoying yourself, Sentinel."
Slowly, I opened my eyes. "No 'Sentinel.' No 'Sullivan.' Ethan and ---"
I paused, not sure if I was willing to take that step, to offer up my first name, to give him that right.
He smiled softly. "And Merit," he decided for me, that crisp tone gone. He sounded not like a Master among vampires, but a god among men. He pressed his cheek to my stomach.
"I am undone," he said softly.
I melted, my heart stuttering its rhythm." Pg. 124

"'And how are you feeling about said article?" I asked, following him into the garage.
"Well, evidently I'm dating the Ponytailed Avenger, so I feel pretty good about that."
I stopped to offer him a snarky look. When he walked past me to the car, smug grin on hisface, I rolled my eyes. But hardly meant it. He had said "dating," after all." Pg. 138

"'Dear Lord," I said, stepping into the kitchen. What had once been a tiny cottage kitchen had become a --- well, I wasn't sure what to call it. The potions classroom from Hogwarts, maybe?
I walked to the kitchen island and trailed my fingers over stacks of books, a deck of tarot cards, boxes of salts, glass jars of feathers, grapevines, corked bottles of oils, matches, and dried rose petals.
I plucked a card from the tarot deck--- the ace of swords. Fitting, I thought, placing the card gingerly atop the rest of the deck. "What is all this stuff?"
"Homework," she grumbled.
"Oh, my God, it is Hogwarts."
She gave me a snarky look and began to clear off an area on the island." Pg. 185

"She held up a cork-stoppered glass jar of white powder to the light and spun it around like a connoisseur might twirl a glass of wine before taking a sip. Its pearlescent sparkle made it seem extraordinarily white; densely white.
"Ground unicorn horn?" I wondered.
"Glitter from that craft store on Division."
"Close enough," I said." Pg. 187

"I let my mouth curl into a grin and arched an eyebrow at him. "Why, Sullivan, I think I just kicked your ass.'" Pg. 300