A Fractured Light - Jocelyn Davies
"Light. And then dark. Control and chaos." pg. 285
"I'm both and I'm neither. The dark and the light. I can't exist without the other." pg. 334

A Fractured Light picks up right where A Beautiful Dark left off. And chaos continued to ensue for Skye. We see Skye and Asher together and they are great together. We see Skye really grow and evolve. I loves how much she grew in a Fractured Light. She really showed she had strength and that she really could get control of her powers and find her way. And find her way she did.
We learn a few things about Skye's past and about Aunt Jo. We also start to learn Ian, isn't just Ian. Cassie... is as crazy fun as ever. And I loved her and Dan's playful banter.
"'You know, Skye, I'm boy crazy. I can accept that. But I would never put one of them ahead of you."
"Uh," Dan said, coming up behind her with a long instrument that looked like a reconstructed hanger. "Standing right here."
"Not you, Dan," Cassie said. "The other ones."
"What other ones?"
Cassie turned to him pointedly. "The ones who came before." She raised an eyebrow. "Catch my drift?"
"It's rare that I do," Dan said." pg. 94
They seriously rock. There are several more instances to throughout the book. One thing that did kind of throw me was how accepting Cassie was of everything when it was explained. I think it was just too "oh, ok" for me. I would think Cassie would've wanted a little more proof than what she had had. Although, I'm glad she did accept it. The ending threw me. I didn't expect that at all. Raven drives me nuts... so big shock. Big time. I'm excited to see where Davies toss with this. She went they way I thought she would for the most part in A Fractured Light, bit definately threw in that last twist that threw me off. It was a great book and I'm excited for the next.