Just Remember to Breathe - Charles Sheehan-Miles
Just Remember to Breathe was an emotional read full of great characters and hilarious moments.
Alex Thompason is about to start her second year of college at Columbia University. This year she's hoping will be better. Last year sucked. Last year was horrible for several reasons. One of those reasons is about to show back up. Dylan Paris is back from Afghanistan with injuries to boot. He's enrolled at Columbia in an attempt to rebuild his life and to forget and avoid the love of his life Alex. He has not only physical injuries to overcome, but mental and many emotional ones. Him and Alex get brown together on a work-study program by a twist of fate. No matter how much hey fight it there's just too much to there natural chemistry. So they decide to start over. They face a lot... although Dylan and Alex avoid letting the other in completely. No matter how hard they push, they let each other in. And with the help of Alex's querky roommate and her boyfriend, Alex's older sister Carrie, and Dylan's surviving best friend from the Army, Ray, Alex and Dylan conquer a lot, but can they make it? Can they make it work together and overcome their own pasts as well as the past they created together and be together?
Alex and Dylan go through hell and back. It was definately an emotional ride of ups and downs for them from the start. There were also moments that made me burst into fits of laughter. It was a fun boo to read and I really enjoyed it. All the characters were pretty enjoyable. At times I wanted to scream at Dylan or Alex because they were both extremely stubborn. At times they wouldn't let go of things they needed to, until it could've been too late. Dylan was a great guy and I admired him for a lot of the things he went through and were fighting to overcome. Alex was a great girl who needed to learn to stand up to her parents and to herself for what she wanted in her life. I loved their friends and family who were there for them. They really gave them the pushes and support they needed. I loved Carrie and well all of Alex's sisters really. And Ray, Dylan's surviving best friend from the Army, is delly great and cares a lot for his friend. He has a big heart for sure. I'm excited to read Ray and Carrie's story next.
Overall, Just Remember to Breathe was a great book and I hope in Carrie and Ray's book we see what became of Alex and Dylan at least a little bit.