One Week Girlfriend - Monica  Murphy
What can I say about One Week Girlfriend?
It was definitely a good book.
It was pretty emotional and jam packed with characters with major issues.
Drew has to go home for Thanksgiving break. Not vacation like usual, but home to a place that holds to many horrible memories, a place he never wants to go back to and place he never quite fit in at. Home is a place of torture to him... a place where his step-mother is and where his father just doesn't see what's really happening under his nose. So Drew decides he needs a buffer between him and all the well... really bad crap if he's going too make it. He decides that he needs a fake girlfriend for a week and that Fable, a waitress at a local bar the college kids frequent, would be the person to ask. Enter Fable. She has a hell of a life, she gave up any dream she remotely had to raise her thirteen year old brother and thirteen has come with a vengeance. She works to barely make ends meet to take care of her and her brother and their alcoholic, barely there mother who can't hold a job and parades man after man through their household. She worried about her brother getting in trouble now and worried about the holidays. She needs some fundage and fairly quickly. She also deals with a reputation that isn't entirely deserved. She won't lie, she's been her fair share of guys, but not like everyone thinks. She deals with nasty rumors that she does really nothing about. She knows she looks for someone to care about her in the wrong ways. Then leaving one night from work she gets accosted by Drew. He offers her a large sum of money to be his fake girlfriend for a week over Thanksgiving break. She would accompany him to his hometown and parade aaround as his. He doesn't fill her in on the extreme details and yet she accepts. Fable is put through an emotional ride with Drew for that week and Drew is thrown back into a horrible situation that he has lived with for years. Can Fable help Drew through it all? Can she help him heal and find peace? Can Drew handle the bomb that's about to be dropped on him?
One Week Girlfriend is a hell of a ride. It's emotional and deals with a very controversial issue that happens everyday unfortunately. I can't say what it will give the book away, but its big and then gets even bigger. Plus Drew and Fable have the tendency to run from things. Drew pushes people away and isolates himslef because he thinks he copes better with things that way. Fable runs at the first sign of someone caring about her because she believes she's not worth it and that no one really actually cares for her. The people in her life exit. These issues make for an emotional rollercoaster. It all comes together and their chemistry boils over. They help each other. But the book ends in a slight cliffhanger and we have to wait for the next one to know how Drew and Fable turn out. I'm really curious to know how exactly that is going to happen.
Overall, it is a good book. It's just emotional. At times I wanted to throttle everyone in the book or well in Drew's step-mother's case just all out murder (can't lie there) and then at other's you just wanted to hug them (but that's a never with Drew's step-mother). After getting into the book though the issues Drew was trying to hide...the bombshell... I guessed pretty early on, but of course I kept reading... had to be positive and hope I was wrong. I think it was only easy for me to guess because... well I read a whole lot. At times, Fable and Drew's tendency to run got aggravating. To me they would've been good for each other and helped each if they'd let each other in. Drew and Fable really are great together and for each other. Their chemistry is explosive. They're definitely hot together and w hen they got together... wow. Fable has a good outlook on things and is not as judgemental as other characters I've read in books or as the people of Drew's hometown. She is a great person. Drew has a good heart and also isn't as judgemental as the people around him. He does however have a jealousy issue where Fable is concerned... its actually kind of sweet though. One Week Girlfriend was a great book and I'm looking forward to its sequel.