The Lunatic Cafe - Laurell K. Hamilton
Lunatic Cafe is probably my favorite so far. Anita's snark was a little better. I loved the love triangle we now have going between Anita, Jean Claude and Richard. Lunatic Cafe was a little more action packed in my opinion and a hell of a lot faster paced. There was hardly ever a slow moment in this book... ever.
I do like Anita, I just don't always agree with her ways or like her voice or choices...but I do like her. She is snarky, which she is in this book too, and she is the type to attempt to find humor in a bad situation. Some of that humor is just hilarious. Richard I like quite a bit, but it really does need to pull his head out of the sand & well... grow a pair. Jean Claude... I die. I just plain love him. He's moody and broody and a vampire... I heart.
In Lunatic Cafe, Anita is put to the task of figuring out who is not only making shifters disappear, but come up dead as well. She comes to be involved not only by the police, but by Richard's pack. And we get thrown a major curve ball as to Richard's standing within that pack. Anita winds up in a... well... fucked up mess to say the least and things go nuts. It was a great read and as I said probably my favorite so far.

"'You've just hit a dry spell," I said.
"And you've hit a wet spell."
"Very funny."
She laughed." pg. 5 Ronnie and Anita

"'Polly, is it? I have been on my feet for over thirteen hours. If you do not put Richard on the phone right now, I am going to come down there personally and bust your ass. Am I making myself clear?"
"Who is this?" She sounded a little miffed, and not in the least afraid.
"Anita Blake."
"Oh," she said. "I'll get Richard for you, right away, Anita, right away." There was an edge of panic to hear voice that hadn't been there before. She put me on hold." pg. 153 Anita's amazing people skills... this scene gets funnier as you go.

"Edward was grinning at me. He had moved to one of the soft chairs. "Did you just spend nearly twenty minutes convincing a werewolf that you weren't going to hurt her?"
He laughed, a wide, abrupt sound. The smile vanished, leaving a sort of shimmering glow to his face. His eyes glittered with something darker than humor. I wasn't sure what he was thinking, but it wasn't pleasant.
He slid down in the chair, base of his skull resting on the back, hands clasped over his stomach, ankles crossed. He looked utterly comfortable. "How did you come to be the terror of good little werewolves everywhere?"
"I don't think they're used to people shooting and killing them. At least not on first acquaintance.'" pg. 156

"Ronnie sat on the couch, as far away from him as she could get but still rather companiable. Cozier than I was willing to be with the son of a bitch. If I ever managed to get married and my husband cheated on me, it wouldn't be me to go missing." pg. 301