Deeper We Fall - Chelsea M. Cameron
Deeper We Fall was a great read! I had heard a lot of good things abaout and was given the opportunity to read it by the publisher through NetGalley and I have actually bought my own copy.
Charlotte or Lottie as everyone calls her is starting college with her twin brother Will and is determined for it to be a fresh start. In high school, she went through some pretty devestating and tragic things that she honestly hasn't dealt with or truly understand. She wanted to get away, only for it to be thrown in her face when she learns her new roommate Katie is dating none other than Zach Parker. Zach being the oldest of Zan (Alexander) and Zach.... and not only is Zach there, but Zan. A very different Zan than she remembers or is it a Zan she created in her own head? Just like before there is an unexplained and exasperating pull towards Zan, even though she should hate him right? Even though he caused the accident... maybe not as much as Zach did but she won't admit that. Will she? Are there things she doesn't know?
This book was really sweet and realistic. The things the characters went through were well paced and real. Nothing was blown out of proportion, none of the characters were whiney or fake... it was very real. The emotions, the actions done to handle emotions, the actions themselves, the character's voices. I really loved that aspect of this book. The characters were a big deal for me. Cameron has created a whole slew of secondary characters that I pray get their own books.
Charlotte was great. She was sweet, she was very this is me take it or leave it, loyal... and fiercely so, loving... also fiercely so, and very all or nothing. She was trying to cope the best she could with a horrble situation, but willing to open up and say hey maybe I'm wrong here. She was trying to figure out her feelings where Zan was concerned because she had had a crush on him for years. I loved her connection with her twin Will. That seriously rocked and seemed pretty accurate to me. Zan... *swoons & dreamily sighs* I loved Zan. He was all broody and angsty, but none of it was overdone. He was also trying to cope with what he had been through, but in the process of changing how he did. He was just trying to live life and struggling with how deep he hurt Lottie... the girl he had liked for years. He was trying to keep Zach in line though it really wasn't his job. I loved Zan and Lottie together. They had great chemistry and were just great together. They were each other's matches for sure.
The secondary characters in Deeper We Fall are AWESOME! I love them as much as the main characters and they had as mich to do with the story too. I love when an author can do this and do it well. Will, Lottie's twin, was hilarious and sweet... as was his best friend Simon. Simon was that friend everyone needs because he is sort of the friend glue (Lottie had that characteristic too) and could everyone sane is bad spots. Audrey was the smart, sophisticated one with a big heart. She was also the academic or high achiever of the group. I loved her Harry Potter fangirling... it so rocked. I want to see a book for her and Will for sure. Then Stryker... I swoon again! Loved him so much. I love his attitude, his loyalty... and just him. Katie was sweet, but sort of lost. She was a girl who thought she knew who she was, but really didn't. I am looking forward to reading Katie and Stryker's story next! Then Stryker's sister Trish. I loved her brash attitude and in your face ways. She definitely let you know how she felt. She reminded me a lot of Lottie, just more rocker chick and more in your face. Then Zach... I hated Zach, but he is a character I would LOVE to see get a sort of change of heart/wake up call book. Like a last book in a series to wrap it all up kind of thing. I want to know what becomes of Zach after... everything. He does have potential to change and straighten up and make amends.
Overall, I truly loved this book. It is going on my favorites list and I plan of following the others released in this series. I say this in hopes we see most if not all of the secondary characters get books! I have also had Chelsea Cameron's book My Favorite Mistake on my Kindle for a while... I think it's time to read it or at least soon!