If You Stay (Beautifully Broken, #1) - Courtney Cole
I didn't plan on taking quite this long to write this review, but I have been majorly slacking on my reviews lately. =/ sorry.
Ok, I absolutely LOVED If You Stay! Loved it! It was one of those books that sticks with you & gives a person what I call a "book hangover" because it takes a few days to be able to read another book after the amazing one you've just read. If You Stay starts out with a massive bang. We meet Pax. He's seriously an asshole. No seriously, he is. I mean big time. I started to think all the bloggers reviews I read were slightly crazy about how Pax turns out to be. They weren't, but anyway. Pax has been through a major tragedy in his life thay he doesn't remember, he just knows what he has been told, but his method of grief and handling things is destructive. He tries to avoid it the pain and grief by burying it in bottles of booze and various drugs. And when first meet him, he accidentally takes it too far. Jump to us meeting Mila. Mila is an artist, she paints but also does photography. She has been through her own personal tragedy, but she has chosen a better and healthier way of dealing with it. She is out taking photographs for her shop on this fateful night as she is finishing up and returns to her car, she gets to meet Pax. I use the term "meet" loosely by the way because all hell breaks loose. She saves Pax and then officially meets Pax in the hospital when he wakes up. Not saying what happened to put him there, read and find out. After they officially meet neither one can get the other out of their heads. We start to see Pax for who he really is because of his feelings and fight to get Mila. We find out that Pax is aan amazing person and when given a reason he can grow up. We see him learn what really happened to him so long ago and see him learn how to really grieve. We see Pax really grow and grow to love Pax. We also see Mila figure out she still had a lot of internal demons of her own and because of Pax she has to face them. She grows herself and learns a lot about herself. She was a great person to begin with, but becomes a better person by the end of the book.
What I loved about If You Stay? Everything. From story to the characters in it. I loved Mila from the start. She has a great personality and is an all around great person. I love her chosen profession, I used to paint. I like how she handles things in her life and how she handles Pax. Her sister Madison at first I'm not all that fond of. She seems nosey and sort of arrogant around Pax and judgemental. As the story went though I began to understand her more and grew to like her. I also liked the people around Mila. Like Tony, he was really great. Pax... he starts out as a major asshat and I wasn't sure I was going to like Pax, but then we see Pax evolve and Oh Lordy! He is great. Hot. All around great guy. I grew to love him and felt horrible for what he experienced. I bawled when everything came out and when he began resolving his grief. Pax is awesome ans you really feel proud of him by the end of the story!
If You Stay is a story of love, loss, learning how to grieve and cope, change and truth. Its beautiful, funny, captivating, emotional and all around fun. I love how everything came to a close and I hope we get to see the scene that was cut where Pax gives Mila the Love Never Fails necklace! And I cannot wait for Madison's story. This was an amazing book and I'm so glad Courtney Cole and If You Stay has done as well as it has! Congrats to her!