Touch Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #4) - Olivia Cunning
I LOVE Owen! He has been my favorite since the beginning of the series. Owen and Gabe anyway, but Owen has been firmly cemented into place as my favorite out of Sole Regret. And Touch Me rocked!
The guys have moved onto to their next city after their visit home. After the show, it has been planned for them to go to an invite only sex club. Well that ends up being Owen and Kellen. Here we get out first mention to the prequel we got for Christmas. We get references throughout Touch Me to it. A lot has gone one for Owen and Kellen since then and we find out that there is a slight rift in their friendship and some mention to things between them. No matter what though, they are still beat friends and know each other best. At the sex club, Owen sets his sights on a gorgeous "older" women... sorry but too me she's not at all an older women... and pursues her. This is where we meet Caitlyn. She is a successful and intelligent women whom has just recently been divorced. The circumstances of that divorce suck. She has been made to feel self conscious and not so beautiful. Honestly for a while now she's been neglected in that department. Her and Owen meet... and my lord do we blow up the book! It was hot. They are hot together. The sex... is *fans self* hot. It always is in Cunning's books, this one was no different and as usual she out did the book before! It was different and I liked that. Owen being Owen shows Caitlyn how beautiful she is and is amazing to her. It was completely swoon-worthy. Owen just gets more and more amazing. Things heat up and well end up carrying over to the next day. Owen and Caitlyn never expect to become attached when neither had planned on something like that or were looking for it. But it happens. They work well together and she gets along with everyone... but then the ending. Oh good God the ending. Shock and surprise. I spoke gibberish for a while. I just... as I commented on Olivia's review... I don't think I could be more shocked or surprised even if Olivia herself jumped out of my kindle at 100% screamed surprise and slapped me. Just wow! Its a major curve ball and being so shocked about the curve ball it smacks you... in the face. Never. Saw. It. Coming. At all. Once again Olivia wrote a best seller. Loved it.
We get to see and learn a lot about Owen that we didn't know and it explains Owen perfectly. I hope nothing bad happens to Owen because he is just to good of a person for that. Then Caitlyn. She reminded me a lot of Myrna honestly. Independent. Extremely intelligent. Successful. Good with people. But Caitlyn is more of a geek and it rocked. She is also a little more insecure about herself too. She had that insecurity, but it never got whimsy or annoying. It didn't make her, it was more something about her. She was fun and I'd like to see her more. Though I have to say I think Amanda is my favorite Sole Regret girl.
Just like every other time Touch Me has left me wanting more and anxious for the next book, which will be Kellan's. On that note I have to say that we see Kellan have a sort of break through to set up his story. I believe that his will be hardest to read and tragic to read. I want to see some good for him and I will anxiously wait to see what happens next... especially to tie in this ending. Wow!