The Valentine's Arrangement (Hero for the Holidays, #1) - Kelsie Leverich
I have actually sat on this one for a few days before writing this review. okay, well, a week.
The Valentine's Arrangement was a quick read for me and also very cute. I liked Ronnie a lot. She was a great character. I loved her personality, she tried to be a hard case or a tough chick, but she wasn't. She was a well-rounded person with a big heart. She just tried to hide it because she had been hurt and didn't want that to happen again. She was also bitter, but not annyoingly so. Her bitterness about what had happened to her wasn't overwhelming and wasn't misplaced. It felt very really and easy to relate too. I also didn't blame her for not liking Valentine's Day, I for one am the same way and feel the same way. I don't hate it like she did, but she had a good point about it. Although at times i really wanted to throttle her for how she treated Kale.
Kale was... yum. I liked Kale a lot. He was a very caring and passionate person and I loved that. He also had a well-earned hardness to him that fit. He wasn't cynical as some characters like him have been made to be. He was great with Ronnie patient and at times I thought he was a little too patient. I didn't get how he could take it sometimes, but he understood her fear and saw past it. He was there for her even when she tried to push him away. I also loved how when he knew what he wanted, he was relentless!
The ending almost killed me. That would be my worst nightmare and how eveything goes down... yup I understand the reactions Ronnie had. i get why she did what she did. I loved the end. It was a great story and loved how it was written. I like the alternating POV's in a book and this one was very well done.