Breathless (Elemental, #2.5) - Brigid Kemmerer
Nick Merrick is the quiet, level-headed brother. Not just out of all the brothers, but between him and his identical twin Gabriel. Physically the twins are exact matches, even their elements compliment each other Gabriel's being fire and Nick's being air. But they are polar opposites. As we learned in Spark, Gabriel's book, Gabriel is the quick tempered one, the athlete and more the protector. Gabriel also had an issue with pushing people away, letting people in and in a way acceptance. We never got a lot about Nick.. Where we got major glimpse of each brother in the past books and novellas, Nick we only got small glimpses of. In Breathless we leran that Nick is also very conflicted and has his own issues with acceptance... they're very different from Gabriel's. Nick is the scholarly type and keeps what he feels are expectations of him. We see that he never pushes the bar.
In Breathless, we see Nick grapple with his issues and we see Quinn grapple with the issues we were introduced too the past couple books. Her self-esteem and family problems. We also meet Quinn's now dance partner Adam. Quinn has some happenings that Nick and Adam end up involved in and once again in the elementals series... sparks flew. We learn some new and needed to know things about Nick.
There's a lot I want to say about Nick, but it would give away too much. I think people can pick it up from the synopsis really, but I don't want to ruin it. I will say I like the direction Kemmerer is taking Nick. It's bold and daring.
We meet Adam in Breathless. We don't get a lot about him, but he seems like a sweetie. He seems to be sure of himself and what he wants in his life. Nick we see he has some cracks. He may be level-headed, but he isn't as self-assures as he comes off. He has his issues for sure. We also get a side character next to Quinn named Matt whom I would like and hope comes more into play in Nick's actual book. Quinn... I still don't like. I get she has issues that we really haven't touched the surface of, but she is just too dramatic for me. She is way too hostile for me too. I just... she irks me. Maybe that'll change when we get more. I don't know.
Once again, the Elemental's world is one I love. It isn't far fetched and is created with every day life in mind. I love the abilities we see and that with the issues that come along with their abilities, we get realistic issues as well. I LOVE the Merrick boys!

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