Glitter & Doom (Masque of the Red Death, #1.5) - Bethany Griffin
I decided to read Glitter & Doom after reading Masque of the Red Death. I loved MotRD and I really wanted to see if the novella would give me some more detail about either Araby or the others. I was glad to see that it gave more about April and Kent, but extremely happy when I realized we would get more into Elliot and Malcontent's characters as well. Like do a happy dance excited. In MotRD, we didn't get much into Kent's character, April I liked but had many reservations about for a while, and Elliot... same as his sister. My opinions have shifted a little.
April seemed very superficial to me at the beginning of MotRD, although by the end of the book that opinion had slightly changed. In G&D, my opinion has changed. She deals with things the way she was taught and she has more layers than what outwardly appears to be there. April was literally taught to fall back on her looks as not just an appearance, but a means. A way to survive and go on. BUT her brother didn't let that be her only means of survival and taught her more than we see in MotRD. She and Elliot are simply trying to survive amongst the crazy they were born into... family and the world they live in. Elliot... I think I love Elliot. I am now in the love triangle of Will and Elliot... it is official. I love them both! Elliot is so much more than he appears to be and what he shows people. So much more. He has a big heart that he hides in order to survive and we get a glimpse as to what occurred while Elliot and April were children in Prospero's castle. My heart aches for them. Kent we really didn't get a whole lot from and he was just sort of there... or so we think. Kent is SUCH an integral part of the story and we never even realize it until reading G&D. To say anything more than that in my eyes would give it a way or lead to a spoiler and I don't want to do that. Just know that Kent is more than he seems. I hope to see his story unfold a little more in DotRD, which I will be reading as soon as my library notifies me of having a copy.
This novella honestly should have been written into the novel in my opinion. The events of G&D really help the story and I feel that people will be missing a lot from the storyline without reading it. April and Kent play bigger rolls in this saga than we know just by reading MotRD... much bigger. These rolls are outlines and some major blanks are filled in with G&D. And for being so short it does not lack in the action department... or romance *giggles*. G&D is not what you would expect and really throws you.
Overall, this novella is a must read between MotRD and DotRD. It is detailed, though short and gives insight that I feel is much needed about supporting characters. It really helps the story a long and is written very well in my opinion.