Ask For It - Selena Blake
HOT. Just plain freaking HOT. Part of the Alpha Bad Boys pack.
Former NFL star Trevor Wyatt has had a thing for sports Journalist JJ or Julia Fairchild for years. She has interviewed him more times than either can count and well... she honestly returns the crush though she never accepted his dinner requests over the years. Now Trevor has retired from football and JJ is quietly seeking new roads and a few chance things occur to put JJ and Trevor back into each others lives. This time though Trevor is going to backoff and JJ has decided to accept that dinner invite. Ask For It starts out with some crazy chemistry and some massive heat... (hehe pun not intended, but hey it worked out). It is told from multiple POV's and done so very well. We watch Trevor and JJ battle some inner demons and some outside demons to make things work. The book is fiercely passionate and steamy and definately filled with action.
I'm just going to do Trevor and JJ in character analysis, but let me just say that there are some crazy awesome supporting characters that I hope I see get their own stories. I actually need to check into that! Anyway Trevor... is so not a bad boy. I'm sorry , but he isn't. Yes he was a player and partied, but he is an all around great guy. I loved Trevor. He had a good heart, great family, hot, great personality, caring, sweet... the list is long. JJ is just as awesome. She had a spunky personality and is a tomboy and I love that! She was all girl with the tomboy thrown in there. She was a great character and smart. I enjoyed reading her POV and about her from the others. She has a great support system just like Trevor too. Then get them together and dear lord was it explosive... they were hot. I loved them together and they kept things interesting for sure!
This is one for my favorites list. I loved it! It was a lot of fun and I will be checking out other books by Selena Black!!!