Untouched (Cedar Cove, #0.5) - Melody Grace
Earlier in the year, Grace released Unbroken and I was completely swept away. Blown away more like it. I loved that book. I laughed, I cried and it just really hit home for me. I love Emerson and Juliet and to get a novella giving us their backstory... the happy dance I did was crazy.
Untouched gives us Emerson and Juliet's romance when it first began. We see a lot of the history we saw in Unbroken play out in Untouched and we see all the events that lead up to Unbroken. Emerson and Juliet have a truly remarkable love story that blows me away every time I read about it and this novella was no different. I still love both characters and I was thrilled to get the story behind the snippets of backstory we saw in Unbroken about each character as well.
I will be reading EVERY release offered up in this series and so far each release has been worth every penny. I will be waiting anxiously for the next book. Emerson's sister.