Christmas Catch (The 12 NA's of Christmas) - Chelsea M. Cameron
Loved this book!
It was a very cute and sweet, fun read with great characters. Ivy left her small hometown of Saltwater without looking back includingSawyer. After 2 years, her mother has convinced her to come home to visit family for Christmas and Ivy is dredding it. She is instantly reminded of why she left small town life upon driving through town and has a chance encounter with Sawyer. After encounter after encounter, Ivy begins to question her jaded view of her hometown and question other things. What becomes of her Christmas home from Columbia?
I could relate a lot to Ivy. I had the same opinion of my hometown... hell still kind of do... but you learn to miss some things. Sawyer was pretty awesome too. I felt for his circumstances for returning home. This short story/novella was very well paced and written. It didn't go way too fast nor did it feel as though things were unreal or hard to believe or left out. It was a very sweet story of someone openning their eyes to see what was really around them and a story of rediscovering lost love. I also loved the Christmas theme to the story. I'm not big on Christmas stories because sometimes the "Christmas Magic" is just way too cheesy for me at times. Things can just come off way too unrealistically all in the name of Christmas Spirit. This one not at all. I loved how Ivy's family was together and including Sawyer's was sweet and really captured the small town life. I cannot stress how mucb I loved this novella. At all. It made me miss home, lol.